Smith Multi Gym Rack

Inovasi terbaru dalam dunia fitness, alat olahraga TL-088 MULTI GYM MULTI FUNCTION TRAINER. Alat fitness yang di rancang khusus untuk olahraga gym terlengkap penyempurnaan dari alat olahraga sebelumnya POWER RACK. Alat fitness dan alat olahraga MULTI GYM TL-088 ini sangat ideal untuk PERALATAN FITNESS di Gym Center atau pun alat fitness untuk di GYM KANTOR atau pun untuk Gym di rumah.

– Product Assembly Dimensi 149x 220 x 198cm.
– Tebal Tabung: 3 mm.
– Ukuran Tabung: 40 x 120 cm
– Pengecatan: Hitam, Merah, Biru
– Berat Tumpukan: 75 kg x 2 = 150 Kg.
– NW / GW (kgs)
: 408/460 KG – Dimensi Kotak: 2020x 900 x 370 mm.
– Fungsional: Mesin Smith, Chin up station, Cable Cross over, Lat pull down, Rowing Machine, Tricep, Bicep, Dll.

Smith dhz

Type No.: E7063⠀⠀
Size mounted : 2090 x 1500 x 2330mm⠀⠀
Weight : 23KG⠀

*Bench & Weight Not Included*
The negative angle supports natural movement in particular in press exercises and knee bends. Low take-off weight due to counterweights A closed guide rail with safety lock provides quick and easy adjustment. Eight weight slots.⠀

Curve Treadmill by Total

Features: • Self-aligned linear bearing system with 45 degree angle of travel. • Dual function platform with easy adjustable back and foot angle. • Pivoted back pad and adjustable upper foot plate make easy shift between press and squat exercise. • Dual safety catches with easy lock and release design.