Xiaomi Fitness Dumbell FED Multifunctional 20kg Barbel Xiaomi

Color : Black Orange

Size 20 kilograms

Weight 20 Kilograms

Material Type Plastic

Outer Material Plastic

Sport Set Brand Name FED

Color: Black + Orange

For professional weight training at home. Weight training is one of the most effective ways to train your whole body. Our dumbbells fit in well in any gym, health, or rehabilitation facilities. For stronger and well toned muscles, weight training is ideal. This form of training has great health as well as aesthetic results. Burn body fat more effectively by training with weighted dumbbells, than with bike riding, swimming, or even jogging.

Warna : Hitam Orens

Berat 20 kilogram

Material ABS

Brand : FED Feierdun

Package Include :

4x Plate 1.25kg

4x Plate 1.5kg

4x Plate 2kg

2x Stick bar dumbell

4x Collar pengunci

1x Connector bar

2x Kettlebell grip

1x Kettlebell base

Harga iklan 975,000

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